Horsey Windpump Restoration Project at Horsey Windpump

Horsey Windpump has had a dramatic history – it has survived floods, a lightning strike, a collapse, storms and gale force winds. Despite this it has remained an iconic feature of the Broads landscape for more than a century. But, now the time has come for this Norfolk icon to undergo significant and essential repair works, which will see the start of works to reinstate the mill back to its former glory.

the brown wind shaft and break wheel being lifted from Horsey Windpump by a large yellow crane

Restoring Horsey Windpump

Horsey Windpump is currently undergoing phase one of an exciting and ambitious three phase restoration project that will see her restored to full operational order. Keep up to date with the latest news and updates from the project here.

A brown long-eared bat in flight

Batty Visitors 

During the summer of 2015 we undertook a number of bat surveys at Horsey Windpump to determine our population of bats and their activity. This has allowed us to make sure the works we are undertaking would not impact on bat activity as they are protected by law.