50 things to do before you’re 11¾ at Houghton Mill

Set your children free to try out some of the National Trust’s ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’ at Houghton Mill. Whether they’re exploring our mini nature trail, playing by the river or staying in our campsite, here are our top challenges for your children to try when they visit Houghton Mill.

Follow that trail

Follow our new mini nature trail and whilst you are exploring why not try:

No. 4 build a den - use the chopped branches all around to create your own secret hideout

No. 16 wear a wild crown - scavenge for natural materials to make a crown worthy of woodland royalty

No. 22 find funky funghi - peek under leaves and behind logs to discover the weird and wonderful world of funghi

No. 36 make a home for wildlife - gather up sticks and moss and create a cosy home for bugs to make their own

Water, water everywhere

Houghton Mill is right on a mill pond surrounded by the river and many streams for you explore. Get your wellies on or dinghies out and try:

No. 12 have fun with sticks - race pooh sticks on one of the many little bridges over the streams around the mill

No. 32 float in a boat - bring your dinghy, canoe or rowing boat and get up close to the wildlife from the water

Cosy under canvas

There is no greater adventure than sleeping under the stars! If you’re staying on our campsite there are lots more challenges to try:

No. 1 get to know a tree - our campsite has the best climbing tree, you just need to find it…

No. 3 camp outdoors - every night’s an adventure on the campsite

No. 23 get up at sunrise - wake up with the birds and peek out to see the sun rising above the river and mill when everyone else is sleeping

No. 27 go stargazing - when everyone else has gone home, look up and study the starry masterpiece above your tent

For the full list of 50 things to do before you are 11¾, tips and seasonal challenges click here.