Discover the 18th Century water mill at Houghton Mill

At the height of the Victorian era Houghton Mill was one of the most successful flour mills in the region, producing flour on an industrial scale and exporting it far and wide. Explore the history of the building and follow the milling process as you journey through three floors of traditional machinery and hands on exhibits.

Follow the journey from grain to flour

Book onto one of our guided tours to discover how flour was milled in the 18th-century. Follow the journey of the grain from where it was once hoisted up to the top floor from the barges below, right through to where the stone ground flour still comes fresh off the French Burr stones today.

As you explore the mill you'll see the huge Victorian machinery, including cogs, wheels and millstones, much of which is still in use.  Within the 18th-century building you will also see wooden timbers that have survived from a much earlier time.

See the 18th-century water mill in action

On milling days you can experience the sights, sounds and smells of this historic watermill just as it would have been over 150 years ago. Volunteer millers bring to life the experience of running a mill amidst the clamour of the giant cogs, shuddering machinery and whirring mill stones. 

Watch the giant waterwheels turning, the grain pouring into the millstones and the fresh flour falling into sacks to be hoisted off to the flour store or stitched into small bags, ready to be sold.

Check our opening hours for milling days and book on to a ‘Meet the Millers’ experience

Houghton Mill Flour sacks

Buy some Houghton Mill flour to take home

Houghton Mill flour is made using organic wheat, which we grind using French burr stones from the Marne Valley in northern France. We don’t add anything to the flour or take anything away, which ensures it has a rich, nutty taste and a rustic texture. 

You can buy our freshly milled stoneground wholemeal flour after your tour around the mill to use at home. You can sample it first too – Houghton Mill flour is used to bake the delicious scones and cakes in the tea-room.