Disraeli the collector; treasures and tresses

An exhibition at Hughenden Manor exploring the collecting habits of Benjamin Disraeli and his wife Mary Anne. Monday 13 February - Friday 16 July 2017.

A collection of labelled packets containing Mary Anne Disraeli's hair collection

The Victorian era was a golden age of collecting and the Disraelis amassed a fantastic collection of objects at Hughenden. Discover how Benjamin Disraeli collected titles and treasures, while his wife Mary Anne collected locks of hair.

Both Mary Anne and Benjamin Disraeli loved to collect, but the prizes they sought could not be more different. Mary Anne coveted the domestic, personal, monetarily worthless trinkets that could be found around the home. Benjamin sought exotic objects, money and valuable tokens; things to either aid his ascent of the greasy pole, or to proclaim his conquering of it.This exhibition explores the dissimilar collecting habits of two individuals that helped form Hughenden’s diverse and unique object collection. Displayed together are the magnificent and the mundane; the treasures and tresses that helped Disraeli and Mary Anne understand the world and their place in it.

Lock hair from Queen Adelaide
Lock of hair from Queen Adelaide
Lock hair from Queen Adelaide