Take a seasonal stroll around the garden

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A fantastic walk to show off the pallet of colours in the garden during autumn. Admire the scarlet-coated seeds of the Euonymus grandiflorus and the leaves of the Zelkova x verschaffeltii turning a deep, buttery yellow. This is one of four seasonal walks that takes you on a short tour around the main paths of the garden to enjoy nature's wonders. Feel free to explore the grassy paths which take you up to the garden's lofty heights and into hidden areas between the gravel paths.

Rows of beech trees with autumnal leaves at Killerton


Map route for Killerton garden autumn walk


Forecourt, grid ref: SS974001


From the forecourt go through the garden gate. Walk along the gravel path and turn right, uphill. Follow the path as it curves around to the left and straightens out, passing the Persian ironwood on your right.

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Look up ahead and to your right to see the skyline dominated by North American trees, mostly conifers. Take the next right uphill.


Continue upwards, walking past thatched buildings on your right, and follow the curve to the left, uphill. Enjoy the autumnal reds, oranges and yellows of maples either side of the path.


Along the gravel path on your right you'll pass a Giant Redwood. (You can walk uphill here to admire the fine views from the heights - return to the main path afterwards).


From the Giant Redwood walk straight on along the Beech Walk. Cross the rustic bridge at the end.


Follow the path around and downhill. Views of Dartmoor sweep out on your right as you approach the Memorial Cross.


Continue downhill to a fork in the path. Take the left-hand turn. On your right you'll pass a Euonymus grandiflorus with scarlet-coated seeds and rich wine-purple autumn leaves. Explore the Bears Hut and the Rock Garden behind it.

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Return to the fork and walk downhill. Passing around the bend at the bottom, admire the fiery colours of a cluster of maple and cherry trees on your right.


Walk along the gravel path to the house. On your left you'll pass the Zelkova x verschaffeltii with buttery yellow leaves.

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Walk back to the house, turn right and walk down past the Killerton Kitchen café. Stop for a cup of tea and some food, or continue on to the corner of the house. Turn left and walk back to the garden gate and through to the forecourt.


Forecourt, grid ref: SS974001

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Take a seasonal stroll around the garden


Fairly easy terrain along gravelled footpaths around the garden. Short climb in the middle of the walk, option to explore along ungravelled paths. Rock Garden has intricate stepped paths.

Only assistance dogs are allowed.

Take a seasonal stroll around the garden

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Take a seasonal stroll around the garden

How to get here

Killerton, Broadclyst, Exeter, Devon, EX5 3LE
By train

Pinhoe, not Sunday, 4.5 miles (7km); Whimple, 6 miles (9km); Exeter Central and St David's, both 7 miles (11km); Tiverton Parkway, 9 miles (14km).

By road

Off Exeter to Cullompton road (B3181); from M5 northbound, exit 30 via Pinhoe and Broadclyst; from M5 southbound, exit 28.

By bus

Stagecoach 1 (A or B), Exeter to Tiverton Parkway railway station, via Cullompton (passing close Exeter Central railway station), alight Killerton.

By bicycle

National Cycle Network Route 52.

Take a seasonal stroll around the garden

Facilities and access

  • Assistance dogs only permitted