New building for Kynance benefits landscape and visitors

Kynance beach and it's impressive rocky features

Work is currently underway to enhance facilities when you arrive at Kynance and will be completed this spring. A new building will combine improved toilets and information space, and has been designed and located to respect the natural landscape.

 As part of the project, the current wooden car park sheds will be removed and 1970’s toilet block will be demolished, opening up new views of the site. The new improved toilet facilities will be unisex and fully accessible for all. 

Elevations of the building plans for Kynance reception building
Elevation views of the visitor reception building plans at Kynance
A plan view of the new visitor reception building at Kynance
Plans of the work at Kynance

Looking after Kynance is a long term commitment. We were given the cliffs there  in  the 1930’s, purchased  the car park and access road in the 1980’s and restored the café and built new toilets  in the cove in early 2000’s. The current work is another phase in our long term conservation work to protect the landscape, wildlife and people’s enjoyment and access. 
Work begins in early February and will be complete by the end of May. We will also be trialling a new parking layout in the top car park to help us plan for the future.

As a charity, none of this would be possible without your support. Car park income, members who join the National Trust here and gifts to the Neptune Coastal Campaign all contribute to funding this and our many vital maintenance and conservation projects here. Thank you for helping us look after Kynance.