Explore nearby Lantic Bay and Lansallos

A dog on Pencarrow headland, Cornwall

A few places of interest you may find on your adventures in the area...

The church at Lansallos

From a Celtic Chapel to a Norman one and then replaced with the present church, this small village near Polperro has been recognised as a religious site for centuries. The village is named after the hermit St Salwys, who lived in the 9th century, 'lan' means a religious site, usually a chapel or hermitage.

Lansallos Cove's cart trackway

A perfect location for a picnic before continuing on to Polperro or heading west to Polruan. The small waterfall that tumbles into the cove is known as the Reed Water and is the site of an old water mill. From the beach take the leafy path up the hill to Lansallos Church and Higher town Campsite.

Pilchard palace at Palace Cove

The cove takes its name from the one-time pilchard ‘palace’, or cellar, which was built here just above the beach. One meaning of ‘palace’ is ‘an enclosed place’, which fits some of the Cornish courtyard fish cellars.

A coastguard Watch House

The Watch House that overlooks Lantivet bay was built in 1835 after the 'Lantic Hill Affair', in which two Polruan coastguards apprehended a party of smugglers who were landing 484 gallons of brandy. After the incident coastguards were then permanently stationed in the building to cast a watchful eye over the bay.


Views from Pencarrow Head

From Pencarrow Head, on a clear day it is possible to see from Devon's Bolt Head in the east to the Lizard in the west. We own much of the coast and have worked with our tenant farmers to improve and maintain the habitats on the cliffs and farmland for a wide variety of species.

St Wyllow Church at Lanteglos

St Wyllow Church near Pont overlooks Pont Pill Creek, a branch of the Fowey Estuary. Surrounded by countryside and quiet country lanes, the church is a perfect visit for a peaceful break.

Beach days

It's great to head out to the coast, whatever the weather. Keep safe as you have fun on the beach:
  • Check the tides so you don't get cut off
  • Watch the weather so you know what to wear
  • Bring sun protection and hats or waterproofs and a change of clothes
  • Find out about beach safety


Keeping safe

  • Choose the right footwear
  • Be aware of dangerous cliff edges and unstable cliffs
  • Currents and winds can make swimming hazardous
  • Be aware of the state of the tide. Don't get cut off by rising water
  • Keep children supervised
  • Avoid getting between farm animals and their young
  • Please keep your dog under close control when livestock are present
  • If ponies or cows approach let your dog off the lead