50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ at Limpsfield Common

Children climbing a tree in the grounds of Mottisfont, Hampshire.

We’ve got loads of open space, full of everything you need for great adventures. You can complete many of the 50 things activities here, so bring your friends and family along and start ticking stuff off your list.

Be an adventurer

No.1 get to know a tree
We’ve many fantastic trees for you to climb. Pick one that has strong branches and that you can reach from the ground. See how high you can climb – what can you see? Don’t forget that you’ll have to climb down too...There are many old trees on the Common. Look inside the hollows and see what you can find. Do any bugs live there?
No.4 build a den
Go deep into our woods and discover fun spots for hiding (old trees and leafy bracken), There are lots of sticks and twigs to build with too.
No.7 fly a kite
Fly your kite on the Common. Enjoy our lovely views as your kite soars high in the sky. 

Or a discoverer

No.12 have fun with sticks
Pick up sticks and use them as arrows to make a trail that twists and turns around trees and over logs. How long can you make your trail? 
No.25 join nature's band
The Common is perfect for making grass trumpets on lazy summer days. Who will make the loudest trumpet sound?
No.27 go star gazing
Wrap up warm and cuddle up to wonder at the night sky at Scearn Bank. If you're lucky you might be able to make a wish on a shooting star.

A tracker

No.31 make friends with a bug
Follow our many paths - there’re lots of creatures to hunt for; butterflies, caterpillars, beetles and spiders. Remember to leave the bugs where you find them, safe near their homes.
No.34 discover wild animal clues
Areas on the common are often wet, perfect for seeing the indented footprints of many creatures – birds, rabbits and deer. You may see horse hoof prints, but can you track a roe deer?