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Sunlight shining through the trees in Beeches woodland at Alderley Edge and Cheshire Countryside
Explore the woodland this autumn | © National Trust Images/Phil Neagle

Limpsfield family trail

This circular walk around Limpsfield takes you along paths and through wooded areas, with different landmarks and wildlife for all the family to spot along the way. We are grateful to The Friends of Limpsfield Common for creating the trail.

Total steps: 8

Total steps: 8

Start point

High Chart car park, RH8 0TW

Step 1

Begin at the north edge of High Chart car park, facing away from the road, where you should spot a post with a green waymarker. Follow the path as it bends left, away from the car park. Continue following the path as it meanders through the woodland until you come to a small clearing surrounded by beech trees.

Step 2

Follow the green waymarkers and narrow paths through the woods until reach a crossroads. Here, turn right continuing to follow the green waymarkers. After a short walk through the woods take a 90 degree left and take the narrow path down the hill.

Step 3

As you come down the hill you will see a footbridge with Yalden Spring to the right. In spring, you may be able to spot newts, dragonflies and frogs here. During dry spells, the water may not be flowing. Cross over the bridge, and at the blue Titsey Estate sign, turn right to follow the bridleway uphill.

Step 4

Continue walking along the main path past the Limpsfield Common sign until you reach a crossroads. Follow the greenwaymarker which will lead you up a gradual slope.

Step 5

The path curves left and widens as you progress uphill.

Step 6

Continue along the main path. Soon after passing the waymarker for 6, take a right off the main path, immediately followed by a left - don't continue down the slope. Look out for the green waymarkers showing you the way. Bear right as the path narrows and meanders through the trees.

Step 7

At 7, you should be able to see what used to be the deer wall. Throughout this part of the walk, keep your eyes out for the green waymarkers as you meander through the woodlands. Turn right at the T junction to start walking away from the old wall. Be sure you don't miss the path bending to the right. Follow the path until it meets a bridleway where you should turn left. Then turn half right into the woodland and up a small bank.

Step 8

Take a left at step 8 and wind your way through the woodland. The path emerges onto a gravel path (bridleway). Turn right and head back to the car park.

End point

High Chart car park, RH8 0TW

Trail map

Map showing the route of Limpsfield family walking trail
Limpsfield Common family trail | © Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey

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