A new vision for nature and people at Limpsfield Common

Paths at Limpsfield Common Surrey

Limpsfield Common is an area of countryside loved and treasured by the local community and regularly visited by people from further afield.

As a conservation charity we exist to protect and care for places so that people and nature can thrive. On Limpsfield Common, there’s even a plaque commemorating the original transfer of ownership that states maintained forever for the enjoyment of the public’ But we can’t do this alone and over the years a team of dedicated volunteers have helped us.

Now with even greater ambitions for looking after nature, and a commitment to playing our part, we’re excited about a new chapter for Limpsfield Common. We want to make sure that in years to come people can sit on a bench, dappled by the sunlight, with butterflies flitting around them, bees buzzing lazily among the plants, the sound of skylarks singing, dormice nestled safe in their houses and bats soaring overhead on a summer’s evening.

Surveying the wildlife of Limpsfield Common

New information from a wildlife survey, made possible thanks to funding from The Friends of Limpsfield Common, has indicated that there are two important and rare habitats on the Common: heathland and ancient woodland. These habitats are in decline across the UK and are home to an abundance of wildlife species (many of which are disappearing from our countryside altogether). So, it’s more important than ever that we look after them.

Using this new information, we’ll carry out work to enhance these habitats even further for the benefit of the wildlife that live there as well as the people who love it. We don’t have the detail of how we’ll get there just yet, but we do know that the focus will be on access and nature going hand in hand. We want to work with the local community and our volunteers to continue the legacy of creating something that we can all be proud of.

Making more space for nature

Conservation work will take place across the whole site, beginning with some small changes at Ridlands Grove. We know Ridlands and the wider Common is loved and used by families and local schools, particularly the air raid shelters and animal houses. We want to maintain the joy these attractions have brought to people whilst also allowing nature to flourish. We’ll be looking after the existing animal houses and making them safe for people and for wildlife, removing the bicycle and post box, and introducing some new homes for nature, such as hedgehog houses and owl and bat boxes. We’re also exploring other areas for family recreation and play with the local community across the Common.

The past year has shown us how much people have noticed the nature on their doorsteps and valued getting outdoors. It’s also shown us that there is a real desire to work together to look after nature. 2021 feels like a very apt time to be embarking on this phase for the Common, and we hope the whole community will get behind us and support us on the way. For future updates please keep visiting this website.