Animal houses at Ridland's Grove

Homes for woodland creatures at Limpsfield Common

Update on the animal houses at Ridland’s Grove, Limpsfield Common

Due to Covid-19 safety restrictions and recent issues of vandalism, we had to temporarily close some of the animal houses at Ridlands Grove including the Badger’s Barracks, Hedgehog Hall and Post Office.

We want to maintain the joy these attractions have brought to people whilst also allowing nature to flourish. We've looked at the existing animal houses and made them safe for people and for wildlife. This has meant removing the bicycle and post box, and introducing some new homes for nature, such as hedgehog houses and owl and bat boxes. We’re also exploring other areas for family recreation and play with the local community across the Common.

In the meantime, we will continue to work with our local committee on gathering local views on the future of the animal houses and Limpsfield Common overall.

How can I share my views and be part of the process?

If you have any thoughts or comments about the Limpsfield Animal Houses, we would love to hear them - please contact the National Trust at

You can also participate in a survey about Limpsfield Common which is being run by the Friends group. You can find a link to the survey on