Temporary closure of animal houses at Ridland's Grove

Homes for woodland creatures at Limpsfield Common

Update on the animal houses at Ridland’s Grove, Limpsfield Common

Due to Covid-19 safety restrictions and recent issues of vandalism, we are taking the difficult decision to temporarily close some of the animal houses at Ridlands Grove from Thursday 24 September. These include the Badger’s Barracks, Hedgehog Hall and Post Office, please do not post any letters.

They will each be protected with fencing until repairs can be made, Covid restrictions are lifted and we are confident that the recent issues have been overcome.

In the meantime, we will continue to work with our local committee on gathering local views on the future of the animal houses. We’re very sorry for any disappointment that this causes. We understand how deeply people feel about the animal houses and value everyone’s views.

How can I share my views and be part of the process?

If you have any thoughts or comments about the Limpsfield Animal Houses, we would love to hear them - please contact the National Trust at Limpsfieldcommon@nationaltrust.org.uk

You can also participate in a survey about Limpsfield Common which is being run by the Friends group. You can find a link to the survey on https://www.facebook.com/folimpsfieldcommon

Why is this happening now?

There has sadly been a rise in incidents of vandalism here, making the animal houses unsafe. As Covid cases begin to rise we want to do all we can to protect families and our local community - and it isn’t always possible for us to monitor and sanitise these touch points.

The site has attracted high volumes of visitors over the summer months. With October half-term approaching we are keen to ensure that the visitor offer is structurally safe, meets Covid-19 guidelines and addresses the needs of our local communities.

We welcome all visitors to Limpsfield Chart and Ridlands Grove - and hope that families will still be able to enjoy this beautiful area in the glorious autumn months. We will be consulting with our neighbours, visitors, volunteers and colleagues to agree upon a way forward for the site that keeps everyone safe, maintains the ecological balance of the site, and ensures that our local community and visitors alike enjoy spending time here.

What will the fencing look like?

The main animal houses are being protected with individual fencing, around 4 metres across. The woodland, common and den-building areas remain open as usual.