Limpsfield air raid shelters at Limpsfield Common

Limpsfield Common's air raid shelter

Step back in time and experience what life was like in an air raid shelter during the Battle of Britain. Our air raid shelter at Limpsfield Common has been renovated to show visitors what it would have been like as soon as the sirens sounded.

Why were the air raid shelters built?

The shelters were built at the beginning of the Second World War to protect Limpsfield School’s pupils from German air raids.
They were built in accordance with the 1939 Board of Education’s instructions.

Scramble to the shelter

At the sound of an air raid alert the school’s children, together with their teachers, quickly made their way to the shelters.
They then continued with their daily lessons and sometimes spent their whole day in the shelter.

Find out about the air raid alert and see inside the shelter

A crash nearby

In one of the many dog-fights over Limpsfield Common a Messerschmitt 109 crashed close to the shelters on New Road. Apparently, the shelters were filled with thick black smoke as the aircraft burnt.

After the war

Over the years the air raid shelters became overgrown with vegetation and were in danger of being lost.
In 2006 one of the shelters was renovated to its wartime condition for everyone to visit and experience.
Find out about the renovation.

Visit our air raid shelter

Throughout the year there are scheduled tours, but if you’d like to visit with your school or larger group please email us.