Renovation of Limpsfield Commons air raid shelter

The air raid shelter before the renovation, still hidden by overgrowth

The air raid shelters were recognised as an important part of our local history and, plans were made to renovate them to benefit our wildlife and the local community.


The renovation project was funded by various organisations including the Local Heritage Initiative, the Surrey Hills AONB Partnership, Tandridge District Council and the Friends of Limpsfield Common.

Home for bats

Five of the six shelters were adapted to provide an ideal habitat for roosting bats. It’s hoped that the number of bats recorded in this area will now increase.

Educational resource for local schools

The remaining shelter was restored to its former war time condition to be used as an educational resource for local schools. Schools now visit and enjoy real hands on learning; the shelters were built to protect Limpsfield School’s children and now they’re being used once again by the school and others under happier circumstances.

Limpsfield Task Force

The majority of the manual tasks to renovate the shelters, including making the benches, were done by our hard working volunteer group, the Limpsfield Task Force. The project was completed in October 2006 and has proved a great success.