Dogs at Lindisfarne

A dog walker near the boat sheds at Lindisfarne Castle

Visitors have been bringing dogs for walkies on Holy Island for years, in fact several of our old photos show residents of the Castle exercising their four-legged friends on the headland and in the field.

Walks around the field and headland

There are two well-trodden paths across the Castle field that lead towards the Jekyll Garden as well as the road around the north of the Castle itself. The paths both eventually lead you out of the field and on to the path to the east shore of the Island. The road will take you to the Lime Kilns and Headland. 

Walkies etiquette

To help make sure our visitors, dogs and wildlife get along please keep your dogs on their leads while in the field and garden. Sadly dogs - except assistance dogs - are not permitted in the Castle.

You can find more information about taking you dog for a walk on the Northumberland Coast in a leaflet produced in partnership with the Northumberland Coast AONB, Northumberland County Council, and The Kennel Club.

Taking your dog to the Northumberland Coast (PDF / 0.48046875MB) download