Installing Anya Gallaccio's "dreamed about the flowers that hide from the light 2018"

'dreamed about the flowers that hide from the light' is the castle’s exciting new exhibition by internationally renowned artist Anya Gallaccio. Taking you on a journey of colour through the castle, the exhibition will show several rooms as they've never been seen before.

What can I see?
A landscape of colour using large, geometric oak sculptures, swaddled in organic dyed blankets. The blanket colours have taken inspiration from plants and flowers found in Gertrude Jekyll’s garden, to give you a feeling of the outdoors coming in.

As you move around the space, the colours will allow you to experience the change in seasons at the nearby garden. The shades will naturally fade, as sunlight hits them through the windows of the castle, reflecting not only the natural process of transformation and decay, but also offering a different view of the rooms each time you visit.

In each of the six rooms you’ll discover how the same size sculpture takes on a different form, depending on the size of the room and where it’s placed.

What does it represent?
Given a blank canvas to work with, Anya wanted to create something which suggests both a house shut up and protected for the winter as well as the transition it has just been through during the conservation project, to bring it back to life.

" Lindisfarne is a very special place. It’s a place I have always been really intrigued by. It’s an amazing opportunity. How often do you get free rein of a castle? The opportunity to inhabit it briefly is not one to turn down.” "

How has it been created?
A castle emptied of its fixtures and fittings offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something really exciting with the space.

As with her other work, Anya used organic materials, including plants and flowers found in the garden both now and in the past.

She enlisted the help of specialists and traditional crafts people to naturally dye blankets and construct the oak sculptures.

'dreamed about the flowers that hide from the light' has been specially commissioned and designed for Lindisfarne, as part of Trust New Art.

Over to you
How did the exhibition make you feel? Has it inspired you to create something special using organic materials? Did it make you think differently about the castle?

We want to know your thoughts about the exhibition, so at the end of your visit please do leave your feedback in the Reflection Room.

You can also share your photos or creations following your visit on our Twitter page

A view across the garden reflected in the gazing ball

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