Limelight at Lindisfarne Castle

Limelight at Lindisfarne Castle

British art duo Heinrich & Palmer have opened at Lindisfarne Castle with a new artwork, Limelight.

Limelight takes an imaginative journey through the Castle using a combination of lighting, video projection and sound. It’s been inspired by the island’s dramatic Northumberland Coast setting, and the sea and shifting light will help to add to the castle experience.

Both 'Limelight' and ' Sealight' are about interpreting the site through a different light. The overarching theme linking the two installations is the transient nature of Lindisfarne and the shifting interpretation of its stories.  This is heightened by the elemental nature of the castle and the sea and landscape that surrounds it.
The sea has been a constant backdrop to the dramas of Lindisfarne’s history.  Its presence has shaped the island and influenced the lives of its inhabitants and to a lesser degree its visitors.  Whilst the tides may be the cause of drama, the unstoppable nature of this elemental force continues on regardless of its effect.

The projections in the North East Bedroom ( Sealight) allude to the presence of the sea and its Circatidal rhythms

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