Lindisfarne Castle is back

Lindisfarne Castle is given back the keys to the castle by from contractors Datim

After nearly 18 months in the hands of our contractors, Datim, Lindisfarne Castle is back.

The handover of the castle marks the completion of all internal conservation work which has been undertaken to manage the effects of battering sea, wind and rain that come from sitting on top of a high crag on Northumberland’s Holy Island.

Although some external work is scheduled to continue into May, it means we can now move back in and prepare to open the castle to the public on 1 April. Light fittings are to be reinstalled; computers need to be plugged in, desks assembled and even our trusty photocopier needs to be hauled up the hill. Once we’re back in residence we have a full deep clean to take care of and then project exhibitions to prepare for opening.

For the first 5 weeks visitors to the castle will see Empty Spaces, the story of the repair and conservation work, while the Castle is empty of its collection; itself a rare opportunity to see Lutyens’ architecture as he intended. From 5 May we will, in a way, be handing the castle over again, to Anya Gallaccio and her art installation, although we’ll be keeping the keys this time!
The £3 million programme of repairs and conservation was supported by the DCMS, the Wolfson Foundation, the Path Trust and donations from supporters.