Paul Rooney at Lindisfarne Castle - "Song ( After Nature)"

black and white image of artist Paul Rooney, with the castle walls behind him.

Artist Paul Rooney's interpretation of the space is an opportunity for visitors to experience Lindisfarne Castle in a completely different way to anything that they will have seen ( or heard ) here before.

"The words of a siren song (the Homeric sirens sang irresistible songs, from a bone scattered meadow, that resulted in death for any sailors who heard them), which is a ‘translation’ of the seal’s calls. The song tries to lure the reader in, like an advert, offering knowledge (the deadly price for this leaks out at the end). The song’s knowledge is a warning, of the future of the climate catastrophe, where nature is merely a remembered presence, a ghost" - Paul Rooney.

Paul's immersive sound piece is installed in the castle's Upper Gallery, along with nature images from the castle collection and pieces of nature writing, some from local writers. A video text is projected amongst the objects, which aims to ‘translate’ the seal song as a playful yet grave warning of climate catastrophe.

The castle remains partly furnished, an "un-stately home", with some key items of the collection having been brought back to weave a story between the installation and the castle's past inhabitants; Hudson and his guests were drawn here as a place of escape, seeking sanctuary, an opportunity to reconnect with nature. The experience within the castle seeks to recreate that feeling; but with a dark undercurrent of over - indulgence and unsustainability, creating a metaphor for our relationship with the natural world.

On view 5 March - 30 Oct 2022

Normal admission charges apply.