50 things top activities to do in winter

Winter is the perfect time for many of our '50 things to do before you're 11¾' activities - such as going on a wintery adventure, stargazing, bird watching, cooking on a campfire and lots more. You’ll just need to wrap up warm and you can take them all on.

Ice Heart Peter Katic

No. 15 go on a wintery adventure

Wintery adventures don't always require snow, although there are endless fun activities you can do with the stuff: sledging, snowball fights, snow-angel making or snowman-building. If it's not snowing but it's really freezing, you could try blowing bubbles and watching them freeze into beautiful, glassy globes. And when you've finished your adventure, why not warm up around a camp fire and have a wild picnic.

A group of people scan the beach at Compton hoping to find fossils

No. 26 hunt for fossils and bones

Enjoy deserted beaches and fields this winter. Wrap up warm and search for bones and fossils in a wild and rugged landscape.

Two children use outdoor skills to light a campfire

No. 47 cook on a campfire

It’s how our ancestors cooked everything and when it’s cold outside there’s something just right about toasting marshmallows on a campfire, or jacket potatoes in the embers. Think of the fires on Bonfire Night and you’re half the way there, so what are you waiting for? You’ll need to make sure your wood is dry and then you’re good to go.

Enjoy splashing in puddles this season

No. 6 go welly wandering

Of course, it doesn’t have to be winter for it to rain, but it’s a good a time as any to enjoy this one of your '50 things'. Make sure you’ve got a warm (and waterproof) coat though, or you’ll be soggy and cold, which isn’t as much fun. Splash through puddles and stomp in ditches as the rain falls all around you.

Family sitting in garden gazing up at the sky

No. 27 go stargazing

Now you’ll need to wrap up warm to go stargazing in the winter, but cold nights generally mean clear night skies - perfect for watching the stars come out. You might not see Beyonce, but you’re almost certain to spot Orion with his bow and arrow in the winter sky.

A girl holding sticks, ready for an adventure.

No. 12 Have fun with sticks 

Winter is a great time to complete this challenge: there are lots of sticks around and it’s easier to spot them on the ground. You can also complete some other '50 things' with your sticks. You could use them to make a mud creation. Or maybe they'll make the perfect pooh sticks?

Exploring inside a tree in the parkland

No. 1 get to know a tree

Sitting inside the hollow of a tree is pretty special. When trees lose their leaves you can fully appreciate the shape of their branches and the caverns that animals and little people can hide in.

Girl and boy gingerly walking across rocks looking at floor

No. 34 discover wild animal clues 

It would be amazing to do this after it has snowed, but even if there isn’t any snow, tracking animals is another activity that works in the winter. Look for footprints in mud, soil and sand or other signs such as droppings and see what clues you can discover.


No. 44 watch a bird

Thousands of migratory birds come to the UK’s shores in the winter, so it’s one of the best times to go bird watching if you’re making a special trip. Of course, as the trees lose their leaves it’s much easier to spot birds anyway, and winter is a great time to put feeders out, increasing your chances of seeing lots of different birds in your garden.