Beautiful blossom in the East of England

Blossom is a sure sign that spring is well underway. Nature's own confetti, nothing lifts the spirits quite like the simple beauty of pink or white petals adorning trees in the springtime. Here's some of the places that might be local to you, where you can witness this seasonal highlight in East Anglia.

Mighty magnolias
Daffodils, blossom and Blickling Hall in the background

Blickling Estate 

Magnolias are among the first trees to bloom in spring and can now be found in almost all continents of the world because of their beauty. At Blickling Estate in Norfolk, you can enjoy the soft pinks and whites of the magnolia trees dotted around the West Garden from March. Typically pollinated by beetles, magnolia flowers do not produce nectar, but they do produce large quantities of pollen, which beetles use for food.

Heavenly hedgerows

Charming cherries


More beautiful blossom

Blossom planting

Blackthorn tree in blossom, Chilterns

Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire

With the help of the local community, we have planted 1,000 blossom trees within the Wicken Fen Vision area. This planting, which was partly funded by CJ Wildlife extends existing woodland at White Fen and creates a nature corridor between two wooded areas at Oily Hall. The trees are all British natives grown in peat-free soil.

The new blossom trees planted at Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire

The garden team at Anglesey Abbey planted 24 new blossom trees earlier this year, which will produce a light pink blossom during April and May. The blossom trees have been planted along Olympian Way to rejuvenate a relatively unused area of the garden. The peat free variety that the team have chosen for this new avenue of blossom trees is Prunus Accolade.

Common hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) in flower in spring

Horsey Windpump, Norfolk

At Horsey windpump in the Norfolk Broads we recently planted a new mixed blossom hedgerow alongside the road outside of the Windpump thanks to support from the People's Postcode Lottery. Measuring around 200ft in length, the hedgerow is a mix of common buckthorn, guelder, hawthorn and field maple. We look forward to it growing in the years ahead.

Bumblebee nectaring on pink cherry blossom

Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk

This spring we're looking forward to planting 23 cherry trees at Oxburgh Hall, donated by the Japanese government as part of the Sakura Cherry Tree Project in the UK. In Japanese culture the cherry blossom represents both a new beginning and the fragility of life. Not only beautiful on the trees; the blossom creates a magical effect as it falls like snow to the ground.