Best orchards in the Midlands

Orchards are an important part of our heritage, however recent years have seen large declines in their numbers. Fortunately we have many in our care and have worked hard to maintain and restore them for visitors to enjoy.

Dudmaston apple harvest orchard

Harvest season at Dudmaston 

The orchard at Dudmaston is a space to relax and unwind amongst the apple trees where gardeners and volunteers work throughout the year to ensure the trees bear fruit.

Apples hanging from trees in Croome's orchard

Croome's orchard 

Croome’s orchard has a mixture of young trees planted by staff and volunteers, as well as older trees which hint at the use of the land over the past 300 years.

The apple tree at Woolsthorpe manor which inspired Isaac Newton

The most famous tree in the orchard at Woolsthorpe 

Isaac Newton's apple tree - still green and growing in this corner of Lincolnshire

Apples at Coughton Court, Warwickshire

Coughton Orchards 

Coughton Court has so many places for you to explore and discover, but when you just need a gentle stroll make sure you come into to our orchards which offer you a lovely quiet area.

A trailer-load of apples in the orchard

Pick your own apples at Brockhampton  

October is apple month at Brockhampton as the heritage varieties in the orchard are ripe and ready to be picked. Come along and join in with the harvest.

Calke Abbey, Midlands, the Orchard in autumn

Step into Calke's peaceful orchard 

Calke’s orchard is an autumn highlight, producing local and historic apple varieties.

A view of the orchard at Attingham Park

An apple a day from Attingham's orchard 

Attingham's orchard is a special place, with 37 varieties of cooking and eating apples grown.

Apple carts at Gunby

Gunby apples galore 

This time of year come and see the many different apple varieties grown in the Gunby gardens. Can you guess how many we have?

Apple trees in the Orchard in August at Moseley Old Hall, Staffordshire.

Harvesting traditional fruits at Moseley Old Hall 

Admire the traditional varieties of apples, pears, medlars and quince in the orchard at Moseley Old Hall. Try out how they taste in the tea-room and sit back and relax surrounded by fruit trees.

Autumn crab apples

Blossom in the Hardwick orchards 

Whatever the time of year the orchards at Hardwick have much to offer visitors.

The apple orchard at Clumber Park

From Plot to Plate at Clumber Park  

The stunning orchards in the Walled Kitchen Garden at Clumber Park provide more than just visual beauty - the fruits are used in our dishes in the Garden Tea House, and the Cafe too.

Memorial fruit tree orchard at Packwood House, Warwickshire.

The memorial orchard at Packwood 

There's a very special orchard at Packwood with particular memories for many visitors.