Places to see spring blossom in the North of England

The appearance of blossom is a sure sign that springtime has arrived. In Japan ‘Hanami’, or ‘flower viewing’, is all about enjoying the fleeting beauty of blossom trees as they come into bloom. If you're looking to do some 'flower viewing' of your own this spring, here are some of the best places to see blossom in the North of England. Don't forget to share your blossom pictures on social media using #BlossomWatch.

Blossom in the North East

Blossom in Yorkshire

Cherry blossom on the trees in the garden at Goddards

Blossom at Goddards

Head to the kitchen orchard overlooking York racecourse at Goddards and you’ll find fruit trees in blossom in late March and early April, including Noel Terry’s favourite apple tree. The apples it provided were apparently the inspiration for Terry’s ‘Chocolate Apple’ but taste dictated that the Chocolate Orange was the winner!

" I always look forward to April and May because they bring an amazing display of blossom and new foliage to the trees. The perfume in the air signifies the start of a new season and a time to look forward with excitement for the year ahead. "
- David Roberts, Head Gardener at Rufford Old Hall

Blossom in the North West

Blossom in Cumbria

Get involved

Blossom circles will be planted in cities so more people can connect to nature

Helping communities blossom  

In Newcastle, we've worked with Newcastle City Council and Urban Green Newcastle to plant a blossoming tree circle in Exhibition Park so more people can enjoy the beauty and comfort of nature near where they live.