Discover our local wildlife

Northern Ireland's diverse landscape is rich in wonder and wildlife. With all manner of creatures great and small, discover the wildlife which call it home and how we're working hard to safeguard them for years to come.

Red squirrel sitting on a tree branch

Red squirrels

Mount Stewart is home to a healthy population of red squirrels. A rare sight in Northern Ireland, discover where you are most likely to spot one and learn about the work we are doing to protect them into the future.

Brent geese arrive in their thousands on Strangford Lough

Brent geese arrive at Strangford Lough

The annual arrival of around 75% of the world’s population of Brent Geese onto the shores of Strangford Lough is a sight to behold.

Cows swimming across Lough Erne at Crom

Meet Crom's swimming cows 

Cattle at a Crom in County Fermanagh have completed their unconventional annual pilgrimage – by swimming 100m across Lough Erne to graze fresh pasture. Take a look at this video from previous years which captures the cows swimming across Lough Erne to graze at their remote wildlife haven.

Dark Green Fritillary butterfly, Portstewart Strand

Butterfly spotting in the dunes at Portstewart Strand

From the Common Blue to the rarer Peacock, discover what butterflies live in the dunes at Portstewart Strand...

A common pipistrelle bat, one of the eight species found in Northern Ireland

Bat spotting in Northern Ireland  

Everything you need to know about bats in Northern Ireland, including where to spot them and how to identify them.

A visitor taking photographs in the mist of Lough Erne at Crom, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

Owl haunts in Northern Ireland 

Come owl-spotting at our places. You might see one in the trees or hunting over pastures.

Spot a Kingfisher at The Argory

A flash of kingfisher blue

Pack the binoculars and a camera and take a stroll down to the Blackwater River at The Argory. The kingfisher always excites those lucky enough to see it.

Irish hare with distinctive white tail

Mad March Hare  

Did you know that the Irish hare is unique to the island of Ireland and our fastest land mammal? Discover all the mad facts.

Picture shows red swirling pattern on the surface of a leaf

Micro moths at Giant's Causeway

The rare Sorrel Pigmy moth caterpillar has been discovered at the causeway, the first time this species has been spotted in Northern Ireland.

Six spot burnet moth

How you can help butterflies and moths 

Did you know butterflies taste with their feet? Help protect these curious creatures by taking a few simple steps, creating a haven for wildlife and important pollinators like moths and butterflies.


Looking after nature in Northern Ireland

With your support we are looking after land in ways that give nature space to regenerate, allowing wildlife to return. Here’s a little of what we are doing…