Garden Conservation in South Derbyshire and Leicestershire

Over the winter period, our gardening teams have been busy carrying out conservation tasks to make sure we keep our gardens in the best possible condition for generations to come. Some jobs you can do at home too. For instance, to create a haven for wildlife, create log piles for over wintering insects; don't use insecticides on plants or flowers; build a pond to encourage birds, hedgehogs and insects and grow nectar rich flowers to encourage butterflies and moths. Other jobs are bigger and take more time.

The Orangery at Calke Abbey in Derbyshire

Conservation in Calke's gardens

Every day, our gardeners get to work keeping the gardens looking and smelling great – but they’re also working hard to preserve the gardens and their fascinating history.

Volunteers rebuild the dry stone wall in the stables

Winter Work at Stoneywell

Hibernation might be happening in the gardens and woodland at Stoneywell this winter, but certainly not for the conservation and garden volunteer teams!

Design for a hermitage from William Wrighte's Grotesque Garden Buildings (1767), a book in Kedleston's Library

Kedleston's best-kept secret revealed: The Hermitage

Ever wondered what was inside the shed on the Long Walk? Discover Kedleston's best-kept secret.

Dovedale valley in the Peak District

Tackling ash dieback in Dovedale

Find out how the rangers in the White Peak are tackling the threat of ash dieback in Dovedale.

A gardener with a wheelbarrow on the sunken lawn at Sudbury Hall

The garden at Sudbury Hall

The garden at Sudbury Hall has transformed many times over the centuries. Even the lake was drained and then filled again as fashions changed.