Gardens in Lincolnshire and South Nottinghamshire

Perfectly manicured mansion lawns, hidden ponds, walled gardens and vast parkland are all waiting to be explored in Lincolnshire and South Nottinghamshire.

Snowdrops in the garden at Belton House

The gardens of Belton House

The colourful parterres of the Dutch Garden and the splendour of the Italian Garden are just two of the jewels at Belton to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Gunby Hall in Lincolnshire

Gunby Estate, Hall and Gardens

Lose yourself in the eight-acres of gardens at Gunby, which delight whatever the season. From kitchen garden to wildflower corners, pergolas and rose garden.

Front of the Workhouse, Southwell on a spring day

The Workhouse, Southwell

See this restored vegetable garden, which would have been tended by The Workhouse inmates and provided food for them.

A frosty winter morning at Woolsthorpe Manor

Sir Isaac Newton's garden

Lose yourself in the orchard that changed science, home to one very famous apple tree.