History for kids

Make time travel possible for budding historians at one of our places. All they need is a few stories of the people who lived there and a sprinkling of imagination. Play Roman soldiers in the ruins at Chedworth Roman Villa. Explore a secret wartime airbase at Croome or see the machines of the Industrial Revolution in action. Our places will bring the Tudors, the Victorians or wartime Britain to life for you and your children.

Children enjoy dressing up at Chedworth Roman Villa

Explore places with Roman history 

Children can dress up as Romans, discover an ancient fort or explore a gold mine. Having fun at our places with Roman connections will make what they learn much more memorable.

Volunteer helping a child to dress up in historic costume at Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire

Explore places with Tudor history 

Take your family to one of our Tudor places and see history come alive. Follow in Shakespeare's footsteps, dress up in an Elizabethan costume or try a Tudor craft.

Costumed interpreter meets children, dressed in Victorian-style clothes

Explore places with Victorian history 

Children can have some hands-on fun at some of the places we look after with Victorian stories. They can try writing on slate, dressing up in costumes and crafts from the time.

Family dressed in First World War clothing at Croft Castle and Parkland in Herefordshire

Explore places with First and Second World War history 

What was life like during the First and Second World War? Have a family day out to one of these places and discover bunkers, airbases and shelters.

Child looking at fossil in rock

If you love history then try 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ 

History and the outdoors go hand in hand, so along with great historical days out you could also challenge yourself to complete our 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ activities, which include hunting for fossils and bones, finding a geocache, exploring a cave and lots more adventures.