Places in the South West you need to book

Some of the places we care for in the South West need to be booked in advance, with several offering guided tours or introductory talks. Read on to find out more.


St Michael's Mount, Cornwall

St Michael's Mount

Iconic picturesque island crowned by medieval church and castle with views over the bay.



A close up view of the desk in the poetry study at Max Gate

Max Gate 

Max Gate is the house that Thomas Hardy, a trained architect, designed for himself and lived in until his death in 1928. Will sitting at the desk in his study inspire you to write?



The kitchen at Coleridge Cottage

Coleridge Cottage 

Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote some of his best works in his three years living in this 17th-Century cottage. Coleridge Cottage has a rich and fascinating history, from a humble Georgian home, to its transformation into ‘Moore’s Coleridge Cottage Inn’ during the Victorian era.

The house has reopened for guided tours.