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Visitors inside the library at Greenway, Devon. One visitor has a baby in a baby carrier, smiling as they explore the room. In the background a volunteer can be seen pointing out something to a visitor.
Visitors in the Library at Greenway, Devon | © National Trust Images/Chris Lacey

Places you need to pre-book

Planning a day out at one of the houses, buildings or gardens we care for? Some places need to be booked in advance. Read on to find out which places require booking and how you can join a guided tour experience.

Booking your visit

Woman and child drawing at Sutton House and Breaker's yard

Why is booking needed?

Although there's no need to pre-book your visit to many places we care for, some smaller gardens and houses need to be booked in advance via the property webpage. Many of these places offer access via guided tours only, with a limited number of tickets available each day.

Visitors inside the Conservation Studio at Knole, Kent

Guided tours

Guided tours are led by expert volunteers who give unique insights into the historic houses, buildings and gardens we care for. These tours may include sharing stories from the past and offering a closer look at precious collections.

Brownsea Island Ferries departure point at Poole Quay showing ferry and kiosk

Little gems

You may also need to pre-book your visits to some other places, where visitor numbers need to be limited temporarily for practical reasons, such as ferry capacity.

Places you need to pre-book

    Small girl running between conical topiary hedges in the Cherry Garden at Ham House

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