Places to see blossom in the South West

Cherry, apple and plum blossom are a welcome sight this spring across the South West.

As well as providing us with beautiful spaces to relax and delicious food and drink to enjoy, traditional orchards and gardens with flowering fruit trees are home to many birds, bees, butterflies and insects. When blossom reappears and brightens up our spring, we are reminded that in an ever-changing world, nature will always be a source of comfort for many of us.

Discover some of the top places to see these beautiful blooms this season.

City blossom, Cheltenham

Blossom watch 

Take time to admire spring blossom, whether it's down your street, on a walk with family or friends or in a vibrant garden. You can also learn more about how these floral wonders support wildlife.

Latest visiting update 

Our gardens, parks, cafés, shops, countryside locations and many houses are open. You no longer need to pre-book at many places. Some still require booking ahead, so please check the property webpage before you travel.​

Blossom in Cornwall

Blossom in Dorset and Devon

Blossom in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds

Blossom in Wiltshire and Somerset

Apples and press in Trelissick orchard

Orchards in the South West 

Throughout the South West there are traditional orchards cared for by the National Trust. Find out where you can get your apple fix and how important orchards are for nature.