Rose gardens in the East of England

It’s easy to see why the rose remains the nation’s favourite flower - for beauty and scent it’s hard to beat. June and July are the best months to enjoy them in full bloom, so here’s a selection of the special rose gardens in our care that you can enjoy in the East of England.

Couple smelling the roses in the Rose Garden

Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire 

You can't miss the heady scent coming from this quintessentially English rose garden. There are 40 beds in the garden, each planted with a different variety of rose. With over 1000 bushes in total you'll experience a riot of scent and colour. Following Lord Fairhaven’s tradition, we’ve added new rose varieties in recent years.

Gardener rose cutting at Woolbeding Gardens

Blickling, Norfolk 

The rose garden at Blickling really focuses the senses. Full of beautiful rambling roses you’ll smell it before you see it.

Peckover House & Garden

Peckover House, Cambridgeshire 

The rose garden at Peckover House is named after Alexandrina Peckover, who gave us the house and grounds in 1943. With over 60 varieties of roses, it remains a floral delight in June and July. Most of the roses are old English varieties full of fragrance, which were beloved by the Victorians and Edwardians.

When you wander through the roses, it helps us care for the garden

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