Secret gardens

What could be more exciting than discovering a secret garden? Here are a few places where you can find a hidden world...

Early morning on the Blickling Hall estate with the house reflected in the water of the lake, and a bluish mist all around

Blickling Estate, Norfolk 

The history of the estate at Blickling stretches over a thousand years. Explore the landscaped garden, which has been crafted and cared for over generations, and discover a secret garden in the wilderness area.

The Bunty House, a children's playroom, in the garden at Castle Drogo, Devon

Castle Drogo, Devon 

Discover a miniature garden tucked away amidst the grounds of the castle.

The Bear's Hut at Killerton, Devon

Killerton, Devon

The gardens at Killerton have been shaped over generations to create a real haven with an exceptional collection of plants from around the world.

The Banana Garden at Overbeck's, Salcombe, Devon

Overbeck’s, Devon

Overlooking the cliffs of Salcombe is Otto Overbeck's home and sub-tropical garden. Amidst the exotic planting of the garden, you'll find a secret garden with a maze-like parterre.

The Walled Garden in June at Wallington, Northumberland

Wallington, Northumberland

An 18th-century garden full of delightful features is tucked away at the edge of the estate's woods.