Stroll through spring gardens near you

From beds of colourful tulips to delicate blossom, gardens across the country are finally waking up after the winter sleep. Why not find a spring garden to visit near you or join in with gardening events? We've also got some top seasonal tips from our gardeners, to help you look after your blooms at home.

A group of women exploring a spring garden. Three are walking, one is using a motorised wheelchair.

Gardens are often one of the first places to show the changing of the seasons, and spring is no exception. March may still feel frosty, but outside you’ll find tender green shoots breaking through the earth. Before long blossom and blooms make an appearance, creating pockets of colour and fragrance that never fail to lift the spirits.

Here are some of the best gardens to visit in spring, so you can take a stroll to savour the sights of the season. Don't forget to read up on our gardeners’ top tips for spring too – just in case your visit inspires you to do your bit for nature in your garden.

Find spring gardens near you

Vista through arch in spring to the Walled Garden

Spring gardens in Northern Ireland 

Northern Ireland is waking up for spring. At Springhill the magnolias greet you with their sweet fragrance, while daffodils bring bursts of colour to the grounds at Rowallane. Later in the season The Argory’s garden will be full of blazing yellow kerria.

Spring blooms to look out for

A sea of bright orange tulips


Tulips have long been a popular flower, especially in the Netherlands. In the 1600s, a single bulb could cost more than a smart Amsterdam townhouse.

A couple speaking to a gardener during an 'Ask the Gardener' event at Mottisfont

Spring flowers and garden events 

Have you got green fingers? Why not celebrate the end of winter at one of our seasonal events for garden lovers. Visit a flower show to see magnificent displays of blooms, get your hands dirty helping our gardeners to plant seeds and flowers, or hear talks from experts on how to care for your own beds and borders.

Top tips for gardening in the spring

Need an excuse to spend more time outside? Our gardeners have come up with five key gardening tips for spring, to help you getting your own patch of green looking its best.

Doing your bit for nature

From buzzing bees to chattering birds, wildlife can be found right on your doorstep. There's loads you can do for nature in your garden to make it a haven for all sorts of creatures. You could even make a promise to nature if you're stuck for inspiration on how to help the bees, butterflies and hedgehogs who love to visit your garden. 

Want to know more about how you can help wildlife? Make a promise to nature here