Summer Wildlife in Wales

From coastline to countryside and high mountains, there’s no shortage of habitats in Wales which support a broad range of wildlife. The summer months are particularly good for getting out in search of the country’s flora and fauna – what will you find?

Gatekeeper butterfly on a leaf

Insects and Ospreys at Cwm Ivy, Gower

The marshland at Cwm Ivy comes alive in summer, with butterflies and dragonflies in abundance. Keep an eye out for silver washed fritillaries, ringlets and gatekeeper butterflies, along with darter and southern hawker dragonflies, which are especially curious and will hover around you. Last August juvenile Ospreys were seen stopping off at Cwm Ivy on their migration back to Africa, so if you’re lucky you might see some again this year.

A view of the villa at Llanerchaeron from the meadow

Bugs at Llanerchaeron, Ceredigion 

The summer meadow at Llanerchaeron is a perfect space for hunting for bugs. The long grass and seasonal flowers attract bugs which crawl and bugs that fly. Try keep a count of how many you spot.

A seal pup on the Marloes shoreline

Seals and dolphins at Marloes, Pembrokeshire  

Summer is a great time to spot marine life at Marloes. Dolphins and seals are a firm favourite. You can get the best views from the Deer Park's clifftop or join one of the ranger led walks for expert guidance.

Beekeepers carefully remove a frame from a beehive.

Bees at Plas Newydd, Anglesey 

Plas Newydd is buzzing with activity thanks to the introduction of some hives full of native honeybees. These special insects play a vital role helping to pollinate the meadow and gardens at Plas Newydd – and they’re particularly fond of the lavender that grows near the house. Each hive produces around 100lb’s of honey in a season, so you might even be able to try some on your visit.