Top spots for summer wildlife

Our rangers, farmers and volunteers work hard to create habitats where wildlife can thrive. Thanks to their efforts our places are brimming with wildlife all year round, especially during the summer months. Warmer days are the perfect excuse to get outdoors, and whether you’re in search of seabirds on the coast, or baby deer in our parklands, you’ll never be short of something to spot.

The common blue buttery

Butterfly and dragonfly walks in the East of England 

Beautiful butterflies and dazzling dragonflies can be seen in abundance across the East of England in the summer months. So why not see how many species you can spot?

A red squirrel at Crom estate

Summer wildlife in the North of England 

The varied landscapes in the North of England are full of wildlife all year round and the warmer days of summer are a great time to get out and spot it. Here are our tips for what to look out for at this time of year and where to find it.

Summer wildlife at National Trust in Northern Ireland

Summer wildlife in Northern Ireland 

From fluttering butterflies to playful seals and swooping swifts, there’s an abundance of wildlife to discover at our places throughout the summer months...

Hare among grass and thistles

Summer wildlife spotting in the South East 

Enjoy a walk on the wild side across the South East this summer and spot hares, birds, butterflies and sheep thriving on our lands which we work hard to protect, maintain and conserve for the future.

Large Blue butterfly

Summer wildlife in the South West 

The South West is home so all sorts of wildlife, and the places we care for are great for spotting some of the species that live here. There's the weird, wonderful and colourful waiting to be found, in particular, there's butterflies galore.

A bee on a flower

Summer Wildlife in Wales 

From coastline to countryside and high mountains, there’s no shortage of habitats in Wales which support a broad range of wildlife. The summer months are particularly good for getting out in search of the country’s flora and fauna – what will you find?