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Seal lying on a shingle beach with head turned to one side, with sea in background
A seal at Blakeney National Nature Reserve, Norfolk | © National Trust Images/Rob Coleman

We look after some of the country's most important natural habitats, including wetlands, heathlands, woodlands and coastline. Discover an abundance of rare wildlife and plants, from natterjack toads to wild asparagus, on a walk around these special landscapes.

Blakeney National Nature Reserve, Norfolk
At the heart of the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Blakeney National Nature Reserve boasts wide open spaces and uninterrupted views of the coastline. It's also home to the largest seal colony in England.Visit Blakeney National Nature Reserve
Bridestones, Crosscliff and Blakey Topping, Yorkshire
A 300-acre nature reserve, Bridestones is home to many animal and plant species. Look out for mosses, lichens, heathers, sundews and even adders basking in the early morning sun. On Blakey Topping, you might spot the white flowers of the rare dwarf cornel.Visit Bridestones, Crosscliff and Blakey Topping
Lizard National Nature Reserve, Cornwall
Famous for its unusual plants and geology, a walk through the grassland and heathland of the Lizard National Nature Reserve is a journey worth making. Look out for wild asparagus and native heathers while listening out for Cornish coughs and stonechats.Visit Lizard National Nature Reserve
Sunrise over the east coast at Lundy, Devon
A sunrise over the east coast of Lundy in Devon – a Marine Conservation Zone | © National Trust Images/Barry Edwards
Lundy, Devon
Lundy Island sits at a crossroads for migrating birds. Gulls, Manx shearwaters and auks (including a sizeable puffin population) can be found nesting here in the spring and summer. The island is also a Marine Conservation Zone, owing to an abundance of rare seaweeds, coral and sponges on the surrounding seabed.Visit Lundy
Murlough National Nature Reserve, County Down
Follow a network of paths through the dunes, woodland and heath of Murlough National Nature Reserve. It's one of the best examples of dune heath within Ireland, with more than 600 species of butterflies and moths, including the rare marsh fritillary butterfly.Visit Murlough National Nature Reserve
Newtown National Nature Reserve, Isle of Wight
Wander through flower-rich hay meadows and ancient woodlands at Newtown – the only National Nature Reserve on the Isle of Wight. Take in views over the salt marshes and clear waters of the harbour, alive with sea birds such as oystercatchers and redshanks.Visit Newtown National Nature Reserve
View of the beach at Sandscale Haws National Nature Reserve, Cumbria
The beach at Sandscale Haws National Nature Reserve in Cumbria | © National Trust Images/Paul Harris
Orford Ness National Nature Reserve, Suffolk
Orford Ness National Nature Reserve is an internationally important site for nature conservation. Breeding and migrating birds, specialised plants and other wildlife flourish in a rich mosaic of coastal habitats, including vegetated shingle, brackish lagoons, reed marshes and mud flats.Visit Orford Ness
Sandscale Haws National Nature Reserve, Cumbria
Sandscale Haws is an unusual sandy estuary in the Lake District with panoramic views of the mountains. The dune grasslands are home to rare plants, such as the dune helleborine, as well as one-fifth of the national population of natterjack toads.Visit Sandscale Haws
Wicken Fen Nature Reserve, Cambridgeshire
Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire is the oldest nature reserve in our care. Take a stroll through this rare landscape made up of lush grasses, peaceful waters, reedbeds and flowering meadows. These wetlands are home to thousands of plants and animals. Look out for Konik ponies, water voles and hen harriers.Visit Wicken Fen Nature Reserve
A walker has just crossed a wooden footbridge over a stream, amid dense woodland, at Dibden Bottom on Ibsley Common, New Forest Northern Commons, Hampshire

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Get closer to nature and explore hundreds of outdoor places. We've got miles of hillsides and woodland waiting to be discovered.

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