Dealing with your fears Tudor style

Witches wheel in Great parlour

Secret marks and not so secret burn marks have been discovered throughout the Hall.

The Moretons seemed to have had many worries relating to fire, evil spirits, and plague. Their scientific knowledge was limited compared with what we know today and they relied on the church to support them. Henry VIII and his Reformation removed this familiar prop. We have discovered some of ways they dealt with this.

They believed that witches, evil spirits and disease could enter the hall via chimneys, windows, and doorways. So this is where we have found secret marks and not so secret burn marks. Nearly 240 deliberate burn marks have been found mostly around these vulnerable places. Why don’t you see how many you can find? You might also spot a couple of sets of concentric circles which the people of the house scored into the wood to trap evil spirits.

The carpenters who built the Hall also added their own form of witch traps, why not ask our guides to point one out.