50 things to do before you’re 11¾ at Lyveden

A child hunting for bugs at Lyveden

We at the National Trust asked the nation to help us create a list of 50 things to do before you’re 11¾. Of those 50, you can do 27 at Lyveden, including bird watching, hunting for bugs and rolling down a really big hill.

Browse through Lyveden's 50 things booklet and plan which ones you'd like to have a go at when you visit. You can pick up a copy from reception.

Lyveden Specials

Some of the 50 things, like swimming in the sea, would be quite tricky at Lyveden! So we’ve come up with 23 Lyveden Specials. You can follow the path through the beautiful meadow, discover the age of our oldest tree, climb the spiral staircase, and much more. The Lyveden Specials also give you a snippet of Lyveden history with each activity.

You'll find all of these in the booklet. The stuff in black text is one of the 50 things taken from the nation's list, and those in red text are the ones that we've thought of.

Where to start?

Head over to reception when you arrive and pick up a booklet. At reception you'll also find handy sheets to help with each activity. There’s a Top 3, and a Thirty Minute 3, for when you’ve only got half an hour. For some activities, like bug hunting, we’ve got nets and other useful tools that you can borrow.

Be safe, have fun, and see how many of the 50 things you can tick off your list at Lyveden.