Become a Volunteer at Lyveden

Front door of the Manor

We will be looking for more volunteers to bring Lyveden to life in our new facilities at the Manor. We will start recruiting for new volunteer roles shortly. Watch this space for more details.

Volunteering at Lyveden is a chance to enjoy new experiences, make friends, learn skills, broaden your knowledge and share your enthusiasm. For many it's as simple as giving something back. Whether you'd like to be front-of-house or behind-the-scenes, there's always a role to suit.  Just a few hours one day a week (or fortnight) from all our volunteers enables us to make Lyveden the fascinating place our visitors love.

" I love passing on my knowledge to visitors and inspiring them to enjoy nature as much as I do"
- Zoe Wilson, Outdoor and Event Volunteer

Our diverse volunteering team comprises people from all walks of life, many of whom are active retired people who aren’t ready to put up their feet yet. We also have family volunteers where older children sometimes join their volunteering parents.

Parents find that the flexibility of a few hours volunteering mid-week fits in perfectly around school hours. There are students who volunteer here too, gaining valuable experience before moving on to employment within the National Trust and elsewhere.

If you would like to see the volunteer profiles currently available at Lyveden, simply use our handy search tool. For the latest drop-in days, where you can get first-hand experiences from members of the team, check out Lyveden's what's on page