Help us look after Lyveden

Our Elizabethan garden is made up of mounts, moats and orchard trees.

Can you help us get people running, riding, dog walking, face painting, puddle jumping, tree climbing and generally jumping up and down about our Lyveden Reconnected Appeal?

The target for onsite fundraising at Lyveden is £20,000. This is ambitious but we know how much our visitors love Lyveden and that means we’re confident they’re raring to get out there and help us reach it!  We’re challenging every club, group or family who loves and visits Lyveden to set aside an afternoon or even just an hour or two to raise money for the place they love by doing something they like to do anyway!

Labyrinth cake
Raspberry and Rose cake
Labyrinth cake

It could be an organised event, like a club run, a group ride or an evening scout, guide or community group activity, or it could be a couple of families setting up their own sponsored puddle jump - all we ask is have a think, then have a go!

We’re going to be running events through the year at Lyveden, including a sponsored walk and a community fundraising day – so keep an eye out on the website and our social media for updates.

You could set up an online donation page (or just go round your runners or puddle jumpers with a cap in hand) - just make sure everyone has lots of fun, and then send us your donation and tell us about it on social media to inspire everyone else too.

Raise money by running
Runners in Somerset
Raise money by running

We know our supporters help lots of charities and good causes, but by reconnecting the manor to the rest of the site, the conservation of our landscape and wildlife is more important than ever! We’re going to need everyone’s help now and in the future. So if you can do your event once a year (or once a month?!) even better!

To help you along, here's a link to our Fundraise for Us page, where you can request a fundraising pack.

Thanks - and have fun!