Reconnecting Lyveden

Building work outside Lyveden Manor

While construction continues the site at Lyveden will remain closed to the public. We hope to reopen with the completion of our new facilities in 2021.

What is Lyveden Reconnected?
Lyveden Reconnected is a project to bring the manor building and surrounding grounds back together for the first time since the 17th century. This will be incorporated into the future experience of the site so you can travel through the landscape just as Sir Thomas Tresham intended his visitors to see Lyveden.

Excitingly, construction has now begun to make final changes to the manor itself and to add new visitor facilities for public opening next. The new facilities will include a new café space and the reinstated Great Chamber, where you can take a closer look at how and why Tresham created the garden and lodge at Lyveden, as well as exploring the relevance of his story to our modern world.

Tresham’s creative impulses were born of social and political upheaval, religious persecution, and personal faith. This fascinating story will be revealed through a programme of reorientation and reinterpretation.

Reinstating the Great Chamber
Reinstating the Great Chamber
Reinstating the Great Chamber

Completing Tresham's vision
Did you know that the gardens at Lyveden are considered to be some of the most unspoilt and unique Elizabethan gardens in England?

During his time under house arrest for his Catholic beliefs, Sir Thomas designed his gardens and lodge at Lyveden; starting with the manor house and journeying up through the contemplative gardens – full of religious symbolism – ending with the iconic garden lodge at the top of the hill (where your visit currently begins).

The Trust acquired Lyveden’s manor house back in 2013, and we’ve been planning the future of the building ever since.

Lyveden is the enduring realisation of one man’s belief and commitment against the odds in Elizabethan England. Rocked by dramatic changes in English society and threatened by persecution for persisting in his personal belief, Sir Thomas designed his symbolic landscape and garden lodge to stand in testament of his faith.

Creating a new visitor car park
New visitor car park under construction
Creating a new visitor car park

How you can help us
As a conservation charity we rely on your support. Donate online towards the Lyveden Reconnected project and do your bit to help us shape the future of the site.

All the money from fundraising at the property in the last three years has gone towards supporting Lyveden Reconnected and we can't thank our supporters enough. We rely on the generosity of supporters to look after the historic buildings in our care. Not only do our supporters help to conserve Lyveden. They also ensure that future generations have a place where they can be inspired by stories of the past, enjoy peace and time to reflect, and make memories to treasure.

Whether you fundraise for us through an activity like a sponsored run or cycle, leave a gift in your will, or give a donation. All these funds help us to look after our special places. When Lyveden reopens again in 2021 we will once again be opening our second hand bookshop. Every penny spent onsite also goes back into our conservation work so for each cup of tea, treat from the shop and visit to Lyveden is helping to support the property.

Your donation will help to shape the future at Lyveden, through the Reconnected project. With your support, we can continue to protect the irreplaceable. For ever, for everyone.