Summer wildlife at Lyveden

Purple Emperor butterfly

Here's a handy guide to the wildlife you can spot around the grounds at Lyveden this summer.

By now, the larvae and caterpillars have grown up into damselflies, dragonflies and stunning butterflies.

You may even catch a glimpse of the elusive Purple Emperor butterfly. This rare insect calls nearby Fermyn Woods its home. However, the odd Purple Emperor has been known to give Lyveden a visit.

In the air, skylarks and swallows can be seen and heard around the grounds. Catch a glimpse of the swallows that nest next to the Visitor Centre at Lyveden on our 'Swallow Cam' set up in the Family Den. Look on our Facebook and Twitter for updates on their progress.

Red kites can regularly be seen catching the thermals above Lyveden with their reddish-brown body and distinctive forked tail.

Their mew-like 'weoo-weoo-weoo' call can be heard across the Rockingham Forest, where they were re-introduced in 1995.