Take an autumnal stroll at Lyveden

The garden lodge framed by autumn leaves

As the days shorten, Lyveden offers the perfect opportunity to experience the changing seasons and make the most of the late autumn sunshine. Whether you take a short stroll through the woods or simply stop to admire the autumnal landscape from the viewing mounts and terrace, there’s a welcome splash of autumn colour around every corner.

During the autumn months a visit to our restored Elizabethan orchard is a must. From late September onwards, the fruit on our heritage trees will begin ripening. Carefully picked by our team of outdoor volunteers, there are lots of rare heritage varieties of apple, pear, plum and gage that you won't find up any supermarket aisle. You'll find a selection of fruit for sale at the Visitor Centre.

As our restored orchard is full of rare heritage varieties it needs a little extra TLC (Tender Loving Conservation). Our outdoor team pick the fruit to ensure minimal damage so that the orchard can continue to establish itself.

The leaves change from green to red.
Lyveden's orchard in the autumn
The leaves change from green to red.

After the remaining apples are picked, the orchard becomes a vision of red, yellow and gold as the leaves begin to turn. The leaves in the orchard are followed by the trees in east wood, west wood and our solitary oak tree in early October. At Lyveden, the start of autumn is signalled first by the changing colour of the hawthorn hedge along the entrance track.

As you stroll around the grounds let the mown grass paths guide you through Tresham's pleasure garden, catching glimpses of the autumnal leaves reflected in the waters of the moat.

Amble into autumn
A view of one of Lyveden's spiral mounds.
Amble into autumn

You'll find the best viewing spots are the terraces and spiral mounts with picture perfect views not only of Lyveden but the wider Northamptonshire countryside. As the leaves begin to fall, the changing landscape will open up providing wonderful views of the lodge and garden features. Early autumn dew and morning mist will add a magical quality to the landscape as the season unfolds.

Look to the skies for a flash of autumn colour. With their reddish-brown body, red kites can regularly be seen catching the thermals above Lyveden. Red kites aren't the only feathered friends to look out for. Early autumn provides the opportunity to see the swallows gathering for their long trek south. Look out for their aerial acrobatics as you explore the grounds.

Funds raised go towards caring for the grounds at Lyveden - from the orchard trees to the spiral mounts. #LookingAfterLyveden