The latest from our Outdoor Team

Cowslips on the Hay Meadow

As the months and seasons change, discover how our Outdoor Team manage and maintain Lyveden.

March and April with the Outdoor Team

Hedge laying work continued throughout March, staking, binding and levelling around the site.  In the cottage garden, lawns were spiked and top dressed and flower beds tidied. 
The hazel fences protecting the East and West Pyramid Mounts were repaired or replaced as required.

Hazel fencing on the West Mount

As March came to a close the weather took a turn for the worse (again!) as we prepared for the Easter Weekend.  The Easter Weekend was very wet and led to a closure on Easter Monday as the site was so waterlogged.

The waterlogged ground restricted the activities of the Outdoor Team for the first couple of weeks in April.  By the middle of the month we were able to continue work in the cottage garden and with the improved warm weather towards the end of the month, work could resume elsewhere on the site, where the ground was not too soft!

Labyrinth pattern cut

Finally at the end of the month we were able to mow most of the grounds that needed cutting, including the Parterre and Labyrinth patterns. We also were able to reopen the east Spiral Mount and Old Manor Green which had been closed due to waterlogging over the Easter Weekend.