Lyveden Reconnected Project

Looking at the rear of the Manor House at Lyveden

What is Lyveden Reconnected?

Lyveden is the enduring realisation of one man’s belief and commitment against the odds in Elizabethan England. Rocked by dramatic changes in English society and threatened by persecution for persisting in his personal belief, Sir Thomas Tresham designed his symbolic landscape and garden lodge to stand in testament of his faith.

The aim of the Lyveden Reconnected project is to incorporating the Manor building and surrounding grounds into the future experience of the site. The Manor will give us the space to tell the story of Tresham and let visitors explore the site as Tresham intended. It will also create space for new visitor facilities and a larger café.

By sympathetically reconnecting the manor grounds to the historical landscape and making the manor a part of Lyveden again for the first time in 300 years, the project will enable visitors to explore and enjoy the unique and unspoiled Elizabethan garden as Sir Thomas intended.

Lyveden from the air
Aerial view of Lyveden
Lyveden from the air

The Lyveden Reconnected project will enable us to delve deeper into how and why Sir Thomas Tresham created the garden and lodge at Lyveden, and to explore the relevance of his story in our modern world. By opening up new interpretation spaces in the manor for visitors to enjoy, we will be able to explore the history of the landscape and offer you space to reflect and connect to the story of Lyveden.

View of Lyveden manor from the gardens

Looking after Lyveden 

As a conservation charity, we rely on your support. Donate online towards the Lyveden Reconnected project and do your bit to help us shape the future of the site.

Latest updates

28 Oct 19

Paths begin

Work on the pathway from the new car park and Visitor Reception to the manor begins this week

View of manor from new car park location

15 Oct 19

Opening up the Great Chamber

There's a bathroom to remove and some modern internal walls to come down as the Great Chamber is reinstated on the first floor of the manor.

Work to reopen the great chamber is beginning

09 Oct 19

Car Park

The car park is beginning to take shape.

Work continues on the new car park