Wildlife on the Mendip Hills

Greater Horseshoe bat

The Mendips are home to the rare habitat of limestone grassland and limestone heath. Plants such as ling, bell heather and western gorse thrive in these conditions.

Birdlife on the Mendip Hills

Birdlife is diverse in Kingswood: look out for nuthatches, willow warblers and green woodpeckers during your visit. In the limestone grassland areas on Wavering Down, keep your eyes peeled for the skylarks, meadow pipits and stonechats.


The Mendip's diverse habitats are home to many species of insect, including the dark green and small pearl-bordered fritillary butterflies. Their larvae lives on leaves of dog violet and takes nectar from brambles.


The hills are grazed by sheep and cattle, as well as by horses. This maintains the open nature of the landscape. Much easier than attacking Cheddar Gorge with a lawnmower.


The spectacular caves in the Mendips are perfect natural homes for bats. They're used as winter roosts by lesser horseshoe and greater horseshoe bats. If you wait around at dusk, you may be able to see them.