A Room of One's Own

Monk’s House is taking part in the National Trust’s Women & Power celebrations this year. We have been working on an audio-visual interpretation of Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Room of One’s Own’, which sits in her writing lodge as a fitting space to return to her original text. Become a part of this ongoing installation by sending us an image showing ‘A Room of Your Own’ or by donating your copy of the book.

Where is your creative space?

This project explores the significance of the room in Virginia Woolf’s text as a creative space, be it real or psychological. These spaces come in many shapes and forms, some traditional, some more alternative ranging from the mundane to the sublime. Rooms influenced the work of Virginia Woolf, her spatial understanding was compelling akin to her writing process: the stream of consciousness.

As Virginia Woolf inhabited the writing hut; our plan is to transform the interior realm of the writing hut into a interconnected stream of consciousness between words, sound and image.

There's two ways to get involved. Send us an image showing ‘A Room of Your Own’ briefly describing what you do in this space. It could be a messy shed filled with garden tools, not too dissimilar to the shed at Monk's House stacked with deckchairs and lawn games. It could be the family ironing room which has a peaceful corner where no one troubles you. Equally it could be a purpose made room dedicated to you and your chosen passion. Whatever it is, we would love to hear from you! There are no set size requirements for your images but keep it large enough to be displayed on a screen, a high resolution image can be emailed to us at monkshouse@nationaltrust.org.uk.

Another way to get involved is by sending in your copy of 'A Room of One's Own'. Highlight your favourite paragraph, phrase, sentence or even word and your book will become part of our new display in Virginia Woolf's writing hut. Your book can be underlined, highlighted, or even covered in doodles. What do these words mean to you?

Please note all images used will be added to a database and combined with other images to crate a audio visual installation. By sending the image you will be giving permission for it to be used. Equally, books cannot be returned and will be used as part of an art installation and will therefore be subject to permanent adjustmenst for purposes of display.