The writing lodge at Monks House

Woolf's writing lodge with blossom and a statue

Virginia Woolf wrote most of her major works in her writing lodge in the garden of Monk's House. With the tranquility of the Sussex Downs through the window and the garden surrounding her, it was the perfect place to write.

Come and explore where Virginia Woolf wrote not only her novels but also her many articles, letters and diaries. Commuting to the writing lodge each day with the 'regularity of a stockbroker'  Virginia would spend hours writing and even sleep here on fine summer evenings. 

However, the writing lodge is somewhat tidier than when Virginia was writing here. She was known to be untidy in her writing practices leading Lytton Strachey to observe that every surface was littered with 'filth packets; of pen nibs, cigarette ends and scraps of writing.  

Discover the Woolf's many visitors to Monk's House through the picture exhibition in the writing lodge. T S Eliot, John Maynard Keynes and E M Forster were all visitors here as well as Virginia's sister Vanessa Bell and the artist Duncan Grant.