What happens at Monk's House in winter?

Winter conservation work at Monk's House

Whilst there is a lot of tea drunk during our closed season, we are busier than ever taking care of the collection and preparing the property as well as the team for the next season.

From November to March we tackle all of the jobs which are a little too difficult when we are open. This ranges from reseeding the lawns, researching our property story and training our team.

Putting the house to bed.....and waking it up again

As soon as the house closes we wrap and cover the items in the collection to protect them during the closed season. This year we will continue our programme of inventory marking each object within the house. At the beginning of March we give each item a thorough clean before opening the doors to the public again.


Each winter we plan an exciting season of events for the coming year ahead. This includes garden tours, workshops, lectures and readings in the garden.


Gardens never stop growing. There is still a lot to do in the garden during the winter months. We set about planting almost a thousand bulbs ready for our spring display. The cottage garden borders are cut back and mulched. The orchard gets a prune each January/ February and annual seeds are sewn early to give them a strong start.

Research is key

There is an enormous amount of information to share with our visitors about Virginia and Leonard Woolf and their life at Monk's House. We discover new information each day. Each winter we continue our research into the lives of the Woolfs with the hope of sharing that with our visitors when we reopen.