Bloomsbury botanical art workshop

Everyone can draw, everyone can paint, and nature is the best and most allowing model! Find your inspiration and creativity with nature, and have fun while doing it.

Lina Ekstrand workshop example tabletop

The Bloomsbury group were all about creativity, embracing your own expression and having fun while creating. The natural elements played a big part of their lives and art. Spend a day in Virginia Woolf's garden, taking a break from productivity and everyday life to enjoy- and be inspired by the surroundings and the botanical elements in the garden. Throughout the day we explore line and colour to find our strengths and individual expression. In the morning experiment with simple croquis techniques using pencil and charcoal and after lunch play with colour and exploring different expressions and colouring techniques.

About Lina

Lina Ekstrand´s many layered drawings contain a world of botanical elements. She has been working as an illustrator for over 15 years with clients in Sweden and internationally including her own line of children's tableware for Swedish Rörstrand, fashion illustration for ELLE magazine and many more. The world of botanics plays a key part in her expression, living in the countryside she is passionate about sustainability and inspiring others to find their own way of using nature as an inspiration.

Fri 20 Sep, 10am-3pm, £55 per person.

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Example of Lina's work
Lina Ekstrand artwork example for a workshop at Monk's House.
Example of Lina's work