National Writing Day: Stay this moment

Join Tanya Shadrick in Monk's House garden as we invite you listen to Virginia Woolf and engage in your own writing.

Tanya Shadrick at Bucks Mills

Join Sussex-based writer and artist Tanya Shadrick – Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and creator of the Wild Patience Scrolls – in a one-day celebration of diary-writing at Monks House, the home of Virginia Woolf.

During this drop-in afternoon event you can listen to readings from Woolf’s diaries, attend short workshops on the practice of diary-writing, and spend time in the grounds writing yourself. And we will invite you to share your words in the garden and online as part of National Writing Day’s celebration of writing and story-telling.

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Wed 26 Jun 2019, 12.30-5pm.

This event is free but normal admission charges apply.

" If one does not lie back and sum up and say to the moment, this very moment, stay you are so fair, what will be one’s gain, dying? No: stay, this moment. No one ever says that enough. Always hurry. I am now going in, to see Leonard, and say stay this moment…"
- Virginia Woolf
Tanya Shadrick outside Virginia's writing room
Tanya Shadrick artist in residence at Monk's House, East Sussex
Tanya Shadrick outside Virginia's writing room